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Corynth uses Lavalink to bring you high quality music
Music is hosted on a seperate dedicated server to make it more stable
There are many features such as bassboost, shuffle and volume to customise your experience
Corynth had been rate limited by YouTube in the past but this is no longer as likely as there are measures which have been taken to prevent this


Corynth has many moderation commands to help you moderate your server more easily

You can delete messages in a channel in bulk (up to 100 at a time)

You can ban any member on discord from your server (provided you have their ID) to prevent them from joining your server

You can lock channels so members can't speak in them, and unlock them when you need to

All of these commands are protected so that not any member can use them, as demonstrated in the video next to this

Image Manipulation

These commands are meant to be fun to use and mess around with, but can also be used as ways to apply filters to images
This category includes commands which change the way either a user's avatar or an attached image looks and also commands which allow you to make memes using popular formats, such as the "change my mind" format
You can see examples of what the filters can do in the video next to this image

There are more features which have not been detailed here, but you can find by running c!help in your server when you invite the bot